As part of its healthwork, the Adivasi Academy has instituted since 2006, a 'Certificate Course in Rural Health Management' with the aim to provide trained para-medical community personnel to the growing rural health sector.

Presently, the course is being offered for six months with a specialisation in Ayurveda. The course covers both theoretical orientation as well as practical training. Theory includes aspects of well-being, rural healthcare, Adivasi perspective of body, principles of Ayurved, chronic and critical healthcare, diet and nutrition, women and child care, traditional medicines, preparation of ayurvedic formulations, communication and technology in reaching healthcare.

During the residential course, trainees are provided hands-on experience in clinic management, carrying out health surveys, holding health camps and awareness programmes.

Subsequent to the six-month training, the trainees have the option to do a six month course in Nursing at Muni Sewa Ashram, Goraj.

With the expanding rural healthcare sector, most trainees are absorbed in public/private health care organisations.